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kite runner Essay

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  • on December 8, 2008
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A Melting Pot
What kind of relationship did you have with your father?   Many times in our lives we hear of the “father figure.” To some, it may be the strict, military style leadership that may build them into the person they are, and to others, it may be the one who sits in his den the whole day and only comes out for dinner.   Thankfully, nothing is ever set in stone, and over the years, whatever relationship one may have with their father can defiantly change.   In Khaled Hosseini’s The Kite Runner, we are able to witness a young Afghan boy Amir, and his father Baba, go through life changing experiences to ultimately reach their new home, America.   Going from a relationship where much was hidden with tension between the two, to life in the new world where both were dependant on one another, and ultimately the view Amir had of his father after his passing allows us to really dissect their relationship as the novel progresses.
One could say much of Amir’s childhood in Afghanistan was spent finding ways to get his father’s approval.   The father and son were nothing alike in personality.   While Edward Hower described Baba as “reckless, courageous and arrogant,” Amir struggled to discover his own identity, trying to find affection and care from his father.   Amir’s passion to write was overshadowed by Baba’s desire for him to watch and play soccer.   Although Amir tried very hard to spend time and win over his father by going to games with him and spending time together, “Baba sensed [Amir’s] lack of genuine interest and resigned himself to the bleak fact that his son was never going to either watch or play
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soccer” (Hosseini 18). Much of the struggle came as a result of Hassan and Amir living in the same household.   Hassan, Amir’s closest friend and servant resembled Baba much more than his own son Amir did.   He was the child that stood up for everything; His own beliefs, and more important, Amir.   Baba explains to his close friend Rahim Khan that Amir...

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