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Knowledge And Truth Essay

  • Submitted by: alove46
  • on December 16, 2008
  • Category: Social Issues
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Curiosity, Question, and Logic

How much knowledge can actually be obtain by human beings?   When one thinks of all that humans beings know, it seems as if   we are reaching our maximum potential.     “ Instead of asking, “what do we know?” I begin to ask, “what don’t we know””(Peck, 70).   If everyone begins to ask the same question, one will come to the realization that there is so much more knowledge to be acquired. We have barley begun to scratch the surface of   the unknown. The universe is such a massive place there is no way we could ever know everything. Where does the universe begin? Where does it end? “The answer is: We don’t know.” (Peck, 72) Without curiosity, questions, and logic, we will never even begin to explore the unknown.
How are we supposed to continue to explore the unknown? Curiosity. Curiosity is the key to exploration. Without curiosity the world would be primitive and humans would lack a major part of personality. Curiosity is a part of human nature. Everyone wonders, some may do so more than others, but it is an uncontrollable part of life. Curiosity to some may determine your mental health. The lack of curiosity or the intolerance for it can be a clue to mental illness.(Peck, 76)
How are we supposed to satisfy this curiosity? Questions. Questions are also key to discovery.   Everyone asks questions, therefore everyone has been curious at one time or another. If everyone was content with what they were told and never asked a question many things that are happening today would not be happening. For example if when everyone was told there was no cure for aids, no one asked why or was curious as to if this was true or not, the progress that we have made in the search for a cure would be nonexistent. However curiosity also has its down side. Those who wonder to much never feel satisfied, they always feel as if there is more to be known when in reality there may not be. These are the people that spend life being unhappy and dissatisfied....

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