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Korea And The Cold War Essay

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The Korean war 1950-53 was definitely a destructive one. The reason behind the huge amount of fatalities in this war could be claimed to be due to foreign contribution in fueling this deadly war. It is generally mentioned that superpower involvement contributed to the profound impact of the war. It is not only superpowers that played a major role, but countries that could be classified under the naming great powers (China). Many historians believe it was inevitable for the War to attract other powers. But why would USA be concerned or fearful of a war that is thousands of miles away from its national borders, same with the USSR? The answer to this question is rather simple it is motives that drive each of these countries to intervene in something that might on a first glance seem to have nothing to do with them.
The USA became a huge part of the war as it intervened in it from the very start. The USA's motives in intervening in the Korean War were quiet convincing. It was concerned about the security of Korea and its citizens, it stood in support of a weaker nation that had already requested aid, being a superpower it felt an obligation to contribute in global affairs and lastly to protect its motto of the fight for freedom and independent states. Therefore, it could be said that USA's intentions were that of peace and nothing else. The USA, unlike the USSR, took a more direct and influential involvement in the war so that no one can hold anything against it. USA moved its defensive perimeter east so as to include Korea, considering Korea an "easy bait, for the greed of the Soviet Union". Second, the USA aimed for the global support and a more decisive explanation to the international community on the seriousness of the war in Korea, therefore it went to the largest peace keeping organization United Nations for support and easily got it. The USA put great emphasis and though in its intervention in the war, it seems as if USA's intervention was that of protection...

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