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Korn Essay

  • Submitted by: cnkbahetw
  • on December 5, 2008
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Hey guys i am sitting here bored shitless but finally i decided to do a huge fucking waste of time and do reviews on the entire Korn CD Discography for thos of you who dont like Korn stiff shit, if you do i hope you agree with my comments and scores, i rate everything out of 10

Album: Self Titled (Korn). Release Date: 1994
This album from the fabulous Bakersfield boys left a yawning gap in the world of hard rock. The opening track blind goes down in history as one of the most successful and fantastic debut heavy tracks of all time, the famous growl of "Are You Ready!?!" totally kicks your ass off the top shelf of whatever shit infested music you were listening to before this band come onto the scene, the rest of the album is a terrific blend of angst, depression and aggression with hard hitting guitar riffs and fabulously rhythmic bass tunes with the unique sound of Jonathon Davis' voice this was a formula of success not seen for many many years.
Listening through the opening 10 tracks you reach the song lies which i beleive is the best song on the entire album, with clear and precise vocals and heavy ass crunching instrumentals this makes for a classic for all time.
Rating: 9.5/10

Album: Life Is Peachy. Release Date: 1996
This album basically picks up where the self titled Korn left off but never really quite reaches the high energy and aggression the the last album does but this album does show the bands energy and drive to bot just spend all theyre time fucking round with same old shit, while being a more softcore album. Korn never really lay off the "This music is gunna kick your ass" energy, but with more melodics it shows diversity and range not seen for many years from a hard rock band. The opening track Twist really introduces you to the talented "vocals" of Jonathon Davis (better known as gibberish) with some mad ass grunts and kickass growling it makes for another hit first track and leaves a high expectation for the entire album, but...

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