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Kurt Cobain Essay

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  • on October 18, 2009
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Kurt Cobain and Grunge
Kurt Cobain’s childhood was a tragedy and led him to music and visual arts. As a musician, he became a leading symbol for Generation X. Which then lead him to become the “spokesman for the generation and the shy, sensitive songwriter accepted his role with reluctance. The only thing Cobain didn’t realize is that it was more than he could handle” (Kurson 1). While being a major rock star, Cobain was experimenting with drugs because he “suffered from a mysterious stomach ailment that was aggravated by his guttural singing style, the malady worsened as the stress of stardom increased. This was his effort to ‘medicate himself’” (Kurson 1). Through all this, Kurt Cobain still took the stage with “[his] matted hair, ratty clothes, and raw aggression gave a voice to the restlessness felt by legions of suburban kids suffering in a world of divorce, alienation and shaky self-esteem” (“Grunge” 1).
Growing up, Kurt Cobain didn’t have the greatest childhood. When he was young his parents got divorced and separated, so “Cobain sought refuge from his shattered family life by delving into music and visual arts” (Kurson 1). As a teenager, Cobain played his guitar on a regular basis, and was “given guitar lessons as a gift from his mother, he was growing enchanted with rock music as a form of expressing the anger that was welling up within him” (Kurson 1). In 1986 shortly after he dropped out of school, “Kurt Cobain and base player, Chris Novoselic, formed Nirvana” (“Cobain” 1). Nirvana was the “first alternative band to capture the attention of those outside the isolated and some what separatist world of alternative rock and roll” (Kurson 1). Cobain’s music soon became known as grunge rock.
Grunge emerged in Seattle, the “unofficial grunge mecca of the early 90’s” (“Grunge” 1).   Grunge rock was a “cold, rainy world of coffee shops, and hopeless poets putting their angst to the hard-driving sound of guitars” (“Grunge” 1). Like most things “grunge was a...

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