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Lab Observations Of A Candle Write Up Essay

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1. The candle getting smaller and the wax melting are physical changes. Wick turning black, candle having rain drop shaped fire, and the fire having different colored layers are all chemical changes.
2. The candle wax burns as a vapor because when the smoke it’s put into the other flame, the flame gets bigger which means it’s feeding off of the smoke. That means wax has to burn as a vapor because it’s the only thing present.
3. The other requirement is oxygen because when the flask was put over the flame, the flame went out when the flask became a vacuum before the water reached the flame.
4. The products of a burning candle are carbon dioxide and water.
5. wax(vapor) + oxygencarbon dioxide + water
                     
Reactants   Products
From this lab, I learned that wax burns in a vapor state. Fire requires fuel and oxygen in order to burn. The products of a combustion reaction are carbon dioxide and water. I also found out that it takes skill to light a match and that it’s difficult to keep gas where you want it to be without a sealed container. There are many sources of error.   The first source of error was that if you blow on the candle too hard, the wax vapor blows away and the flame doesn’t jump.   The next source of error is that if you don’t put in the limewater and stopper quickly enough, the carbon dioxide escapes and the water won’t turn chalky. A real life application for this lab is that if you’re cooking and the pan catches on fire, you can just put a cover on the pan.   The vacuum that you create will cause the fire to burn itself out when it runs out of oxygen.   This lab makes me wonder whether using a bigger flask for the water would cause the water to reach the flame before the oxygen burned out. I wonder if we could collect the carbon dioxide in a beaker, or if it would escape too fast.

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