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Lab Write Up on observing and questioning Essay

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Observing and Questioning
Purpose: The purpose of this lab was to test how well our observing and questioning skills were. In chemistry observing and questioning events is a daily procedure throughout the course. Material:
1. Goggles
2. Apron
3. Spoon
4. 150ml Beaker
5. Liquid Z
6. Liquid Y
7. Crystal X
8. Stirring Rod
9. Foil
10. Graduate Cylinder 50 ml
Procedure: (See lab sheet)
Procedure Number Observation
3 Nothing significant, crystal X slowly dissolving, Liquid Y turning a shade of aqua blue
6 Foil is absorbing the liquid, edges of the foil starts to turn red, oxidation
                                      8 Bubbles, foil disintegrating, breaking into multiple pieces, fizzling noises, fumes, smoke
1. What is crystal X?
2. What is liquid Y?
3. What chemical reaction took place when crystal X and liquid Y and mixed together?
4. Does the chemical reaction between X and Y increase oxidation rate?
5. What is liquid Z?
6. Is liquid Z and acid or a base?
7. Does crystal X contain copper?
8. How strong is liquid Z on the pH scale?
9. Are the fumes that came out of liquid X toxic?
10. What else is liquid Z capable of burning?
Conclusions: In chemistry chemist are expect to be able to carefully observe and question the changes around them. In this lab we as a class exercised that skill. We were given two mysterious liquids and a large amount of some strange blue crystal. We as a group came to the conclusion that the crystals contain a small amount of copper in it, thus give the mineral a bright blue color. The two liquids were labeled liquid Y and liquid Z. liquid Y did not seem to have a profound effect on the foil. On the other hand liquid Z immediately disintegrated the foil that was placed inside. Our group once again came to the conclusion that liquid Z was in fact and hydrochloric acid, the very same acid that is found in the human stomach. However, we were prevented in answering a few of our questions. The fact that we were...

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