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Labreport Essay

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Lab report

Project: How can we stop safely?



Maartens College

May 17, 2006
Mr. Van Hees
Table of contents
1.Table of contents 2
2.Introduction 2
What is friction? 2
Aim 3
3.Hypothesis 3
Our hypothesis 3
Our shoes 3
4.Materials 4
Our materials 4
5.Method 4
This is our method 4
6.Data and results 5
Our data in a table 5
Explanation of table 5
7.Conclusion 6
Our conclusion 6
8.Evaluation 6
Our evalution 6
Are we satisfied with how our experiment worked out? 6
What could we have done better? 6
And how? 7
What will we do next time? 7
9.Sources 7
Books 7
Internet sites 7
Other sources of information 7

What is friction?
“Resistive Force of Friction” by Ron Kurtus (revised 6 January 2006)
Friction is a force that resists the motion caused by another force on an object. The requirement for friction is that the object must be in contact with another object or material and an external force must be applied on the object in an attempt to move it. The type of motion determines the different types of friction, which are sliding, rolling and fluid friction. If the object does not move, the friction is considered static. If the force is sufficient to move the object, the friction is called kinetic. The cause of friction is a combination of surface roughness, molecular adhesion and deformation effects.”

(See sources)
In simple words, this piece says that friction is a resistive force (works against the directionof movement). It of course depends on the shape, structure and weight of the object it is resisting against. That is why there are different types of friction.   This lab was entirely about friction. Because the guiding question was: “How does the sole of my shoe help me stop?“ So this was about the structure and material of the object. The rougher the sole, the faster it’ll make you stop.

We are going to find out if our...

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