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Lake Effect Snow In The Great Lakes Essay

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“8 Days, 10 Feet and the Snow Isn’t Done Yet”; “Snow Buries Upstate N.Y. Towns”; “Squalls continue, pushing snowfall totals to historic levels”; just a few of the many headlines blanketing the national newspapers during the 2007 snowstorm that impacted a great deal of the nation.   The event lasted for nearly two weeks and spanned from the mid-west over to the Atlantic coast and up into Canada.   Of the affected areas, Upstate New York, and more specifically the Oswego County region, were the hardest hit (Fernandez and Staba 2007).   In Oswego County, a total of approximately 11’8” fell (Laird et al. 2010).   This snowfall was enough for the Governor to declare both a state of emergency and a travel advisory.   Roofs collapsed under the weight of the snow, whiteout conditions were more than common making travel almost impossible, and schools were forced to close their doors for nearly a week for concern over safety.   The effects of this storm were enhanced in the Oswego County region due to the formation of lake-effect snowbelts that set up over the area (Kunkel et al. 2009b).  
However, not all lake-effect snowfalls produce the problematic and often record totals introduced above.   Lake-effect snow is common and occurs all over the globe.   In the Great Lakes Region it is responsible for a majority of the annual precipitation.   There are seven areas in the Great Lakes Region that favor the formation of a snowbelt; each one being unique and identifiable in the figure to the right (islandnet.com).   The seven snowbelts are: the Southeastern Lake Superior Snowbelt, the Eastern Lake Superior Snowbelt, the Eastern Lake Michigan Snowbelt, the Southeastern Lake Huron Snowbelt, the Georgian Bay Snowbelt, the Southeastern Lake Erie Snowbelt, and the Southeastern Lake Ontario Snowbelt; the most influential and productive of them being the Lake Superior, Lake Erie, and Lake Ontario Snowbelts.   A noticeable similarity amongst these seven snowbelts is in their titles’; the word...

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