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Land Use Essay

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Land use and land cover are linked to climate and weather in complex ways and are critical inputs for modeling greenhouse gas emissions, carbon balance, and ecosystems. Land-use and land-cover change (LULCC) studies have provided critical inputs to large-scale biomass and forest cover assessments; future LULCC goals include reducing uncertainties in biomass estimates, understanding regional heterogeneities in changes, and quantifying linkages and feedbacks between LULCC, climate change, and other human and environmental components. Research that examines historic, current, and future LULCC, its drivers, feedbacks to climate, and its environmental, social, economic, and human health consequences is therefore of utmost importance and often requires interagency and intergovernmental cooperation. Research plans focus on how management practices may change as climate and conservation policies change, and on feedbacks related to environmental, social, economic, and human health.
The global climate system is affected by land-use and land-cover changes through biogeophysical, biogeochemical, and energy exchange processes. These changes in turn affect climate at local, regional, and global scales. Key processes include uptake and release of greenhouse gases by the land cover of the terrestrial biosphere to and from the atmosphere through photosynthesis, respiration, and evapotranspiration; the release of aerosols and particulates from surface land-cover change perturbations; variations in the exchange of sensible heat between the surface and atmosphere due to land-cover changes; variations in absorbance and reflectance of radiation as land-cover changes affect surface albedo; and surface roughness effects on atmospheric momentum that are land cover-dependent. While human activity can alter many of these processes, weather, climate, and geological processes are also important.
For example, changes in land cover modify the reflectance of the land surface, determining the...

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