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Last Days of the Renaissance Quiz Essay

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  • on November 10, 2009
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Towards the end of the Renaissance, Opera flourished all throughout Europe. Being originated and born in Venice, Opera began to spread to surrounding cities and countries, and provided a new art form and movement for people to follow.
The opera provided a source and a place for people to come together and forget about what was going on outside the opera house. New artists and styles of art were portrayed in the opera house and it tried to give the people hope and assurance that everything was going to be okay. The opera emphasized many distinct forms and styles of art such as music, poetry, dance, and sculpture. During this time period when the church abated power and the people’s faith, the kings, nobles, and the people were fighting for power, and there were constant new waves of philosophy and religious movements. This killed religious roles in politics.
The opera movement was the last and the final to flourish in the Renaissance. The impact of the movement was ample and significant, as Rabb described it. From then on in, to the end of the Renaissance, it shifts in power, chaotic state building, and the death toll of people dying from the plague (decreased) was a foreshadow that the Renaissance was coming to the end.

In Chapter 4, Rabb describes a succession of crucial events and upheavals such as a sharp rise in population and prices, the use of gunpowder, and Luther’s protest against the church, which changed the Renaissance dramatically. Between the 1500’s – 1640’s, tensions started to grow and became recognized, but at the start of the 1640’s, crisis and turmoil began to set in.
After almost a century of decline, there was a sharp rise in the population, all around Europe. As the population began to increase, the plague started to slow down, which was a sign that the Renaissance was coming to an end, according to Rabb. Population increasing created cities and state-building, and markets and the economy began to change. New jobs became...

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