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Latin America Systemic Essay

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Latin America faces conflicting trends between systemic and anti-systemic responses to failures of government.   As the Third Wave of Democracy emerged, governments all over Latin America still failed to provide for the people.   Currently, Latin American governments still have not become consolidated liberalized democracy.   The dominant trend throughout the region has been of anti-systemic responses.   Generally, if a political system does not work, the people do not work within the government to change it.   Rather, they throw away the new system and write a new constitution.   Nevertheless, certain actors do achieve success by acting in a systemic fashion.   This essay will examine region-wide issues in political and economic systems, while incorporating country-specific examples, to assert that Latin America is not doomed to anti-systemic behavior.  
In political systems throughout Latin America, tensions between cultures dominate governments.   A true crisis of representation exists in that a vast majority of the electorate in many countries are indigenous people.   On the other hand, most of the representatives in the government are non-indigenous.   This contrast sets up a marginalization of certain sectors that can lead to a desire to change the government.   In Bolivia, dissatisfaction with the government led by a non-indigenous leader created an opportunity for Evo Morales to demand reform.   He acted in a systemic fashion by participating in the elections held by the government.   However, his candidacy represented status quo because of his ethnicity.   He became the first indigenous leader of Bolivia, despite over two-thirds of the country being indigenous.  
In multi-cultural regions, creating a homogenous nation state is challenging because many different voices must be recognized and represented.   Traditionally, these indigenous cultures have been silenced.   Literacy tests in Spanish   for voting pervaded Peru in the early twentieth century, meaning that...

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