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The Law that Coflict with Cultrual Practices Essay

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The Law That Conflict With Cultural Practices       1

Running head:   Conflicting Laws against Cultural Practices

The Law That Conflict With Cultural Practices
Perry R. Hill
University of Phoenix

The Law That Conflict With Cultural Practices       2

Ethnocultural Groups
The Justice System in Canada

Up to the 1960s, there was a strong belief that integration in both social science and accepted beliefs was the common practice which would form a common national identity among those who were called "strangers within our gates”.   This belief is not as certain today. Integration into Canadian society does occur, and in that process immigrants and their descendants relinquish many of the customs and practices of their ethnic origin groups. However, the process of integration is complex, occurring along many specific behavioral, attitudinal, cultural, and structural dimensions at different rates of change. It may proceed at an uneven pace, and here may be reversals in the direction of change toward traditional models. In the short term, virtually all immigrants retain many of the customs brought from their countries of origin. Even after lengthy periods of time in the country, some members of ethnic minority communities, including some second- generation Canadian-born people, continue to maintain some of their traditional customs and social practices.   English and French speaking people have done so with respect to language, and the Protestants and Catholics have done so with respect to schools. It should be expected that in a society where there is considerable legitimacy in pluralism, other ethnic groups will do the same. It is, therefore, important to determine public policy on how the law will respond to this pluralist social context. Young and Gold suggest that the Constitution may require certain modifications to cultural and religious practices.   In the Constitution, the guarantee of freedom of religion and conscience...

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