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Law Enforcement Paper

  • Submitted by: dethomason
  • on December 5, 2011
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Law Enforcement Paper
      Damian Thomason
      University of Phoenix
      Jim Smith, MS

Law Enforcement
      When exploring the historical development of police agencies and their jurisdiction it is important to understand that there are several branches of agencies ranging from local, state and federal jurisdictions. Additionally over the last several years the Department of Homeland Security has played an increasingly larger roll in the policing and as such there are a variety of local, state and federal agencies under its jurisdiction.
      As stated in the text:
                “American police departments owe an historical legacy to
                Sir Robert Peel and the London Metropolitan Police. Although
                law enforcement efforts in the United States were based to some
                degree on the British experience, the unique character of the
                American frontier led to the growth of a decentralized form of
                policing throughout the United States” (Schmallager, 2009).

This should not come as a surprise since what is now known as the United States started out as a British Colony several centuries ago. While the American police departments were heavily influenced by the British model there have been numerous changes that have occurred over time which has made this system unique.
In the American policing system there are several different agencies which are governed by what are called jurisdictions. According to dictionary.com, jurisdiction is defined as “the extent or range of judicial, law enforcement, or other authority” ("Jurisdiction," 2011). Additionally jurisdiction also refers to the territory over which authority is exercised” ("Jurisdiction," 2011).
The first police agencies we will discuss are local police agencies. The third level of law enforcement activity within the United States is local police agencies. Local police agencies include: campus police,...

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