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Law Enforcement Today Cjs 230 Essay

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  • on December 4, 2011
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Law Enforcement Today Paper
Melissa Eichelberger
CJS 200


In this paper and explanation of the issues that police departments in today’s society face, also how the local, state and federal law enforcement agencies interact with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

The issues that the police departments in today’s society are facing
Police and law enforcement response makes the difference in whether a person that has committed a crime gets arrested with enough evidence to make the initial arrest. Police must be very careful that they do not make an arrest with probable cause. If this were to happen, most likely the criminal would walk free and the judge would not be happy because the trial could not carry on due to an error on the arresting officer’s part. Much like a carpenter needs a hammer, a police officer needs the resources to make an arrest and police their community.

What is the role of police in society?
The role of police in society is to help prevent attacks on individuals who are innocent victims; to help assist individuals who cannot care for themselves, the intoxicated, the addicted, the mentally ill, the physically disabled, the old and also the young; resolve conflict between individuals and groups; to identify problems that would have the potential for becoming a very serious problem before it gets that bad; and to create a feeling of security within their community (Klockars, 1991).

What happens if the role of the police were lessoned as it applies to the theory and practice of community policing?
If the role of the police were lessoned as it applies to the theory and practice of community policing, the police departments would not work together to help prevent and to solve crimes within their community, due to the limited role of the police force, also there would not be neighborhood crime watch groups, the police also would not have the resources to use community programs such as treatment programs and they would...

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