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Leadership Essay

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am employed as a bank branch manager, and the leadership challenge that confronted me this year has arisen due to the worldwide financial crisis. As a bank manager, I am exposed to the most sensitive confidential information, through handling the accounts of our customers at the bank. On a day to day basis, I have become an eyewitness to the widespread distress occurring in many families. Families have been negatively impacted by the long-term unemployment of one or both breadwinners; for some, this has never happened before. My leadership challenge has consisted of treating these individuals professionally and fairly, and assisting my staff with the additional stress that comes with the job in such times.

Our bank customers have been impacted in three crucial areas of personal finance: the decline in home value and corresponding real estate equity lines of credit, the unemployment of one or both breadwinners, and decline of investment in financial vehicles such as mutual funds and other financial strategies. Our bank is the provider of mortgages, equity lines of credit, and investments in mutual funds and other financial strategies for many of our clients. The distress that has resulted from the sudden shrinkage of these important sources of income has been expressed to me constantly by bank customers during the past two years, but has worsened significantly in the past six months. At the beginning of the recession, I assumed, and bank customers assumed that the worst distress would pass within six to nine months, as it had in other financial slumps in the U.S. Now that the situation has extended into a second year, with an anticipated third year ahead, many families that were able to withstand the financial strain are now being forced to lower their standard of living in order to adjust.

While lowering the standard of living sounds like an abstract term to some, for our customers it has sometimes meant selling a home at a loss, or even losing it to...

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