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leadership Essay

  • Submitted by: iluehhpfw386
  • on February 2, 2009
  • Category: Social Issues
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As this new generation emerges, we find ourselves thrust into a world of state-of-the-art electronics, a slowly changing and advancing culture, and a much more prominent push for independence from the older generation. As these teens begin to change as the culture changes, sadly, the previous generation becomes less and less significant to them. The two clash, and it becomes increasingly difficult for the older generation to reach the younger. It is this that validates the importance of youth leadership. While the older generation cannot impose a great impact on the younger, their peers have that capability. They too live in this new culture, and can therefore relate to others living in it. They can make an impression on their peers, and can then relay the good morals and ethics that the older generation was trying to enforce, but in a way that can be more easily applied to the new culture that they are trying to influence.
Everyday we see teens on cell phones, computers, watching television, reading magazines, constantly being influenced by the popular media. Whether they are aware of it or not, it is this influence that is shaping their way of life. They believe that they are becoming more independent as they grow older, but the truth is that they are actually becoming enslaved by the media as it is such a leading factor of their culture. Having youth leadership in this media-driven society is becoming ever more crucial to keeping these teens genuine individuals, and to prevent them from being swallowed by the media, rendering them merely an invisible entity with no influence on the present or future of their own lives. This leadership empowers each teen as an essential member of their society, and therefore takes away the power of the media, giving it back to the youth.
As this new revolution of teen leaders continues to grow in power, more and more easily influenced peers will follow. Now, instead of being influenced by a power that destroys individuality,...

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