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Leadership and change Essay

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Leadership and Change Management Research
University of Phoenix
MM/PBL 520 Transformational Leadership

Leadership and Change Management Research
Leaders today need to balance various effective roles to implement to the workplace organization while focusing on one primary vision. A leader conveys knowledge, information, and instructions to an organization of how operations should par take in the midst of a change process. The notion of leadership is important to ensure efficiency is thorough in an organization to manage change. A leadership’s position in an administration is mostly determined by the organizational culture of the company. In this paper, the team will identify the key course concepts and compare and contrast the practices of each company related to those concepts.
Throughout Team A’s research, the team has come to understand that each company has different concepts. Several key concepts identified in this paper are significant in their role of how each company functions and operates to accomplish a goal. That goal is to be successful in the products they produce and/or offer for consumers.
The key concepts identified throughout this paper are trust, leadership, commitment, goal setting, feedback, positive reinforcement, profit maximization, pay for performance, internal forces, and external forces. Although there may be similarities with some of the companies, no two companies are the same. For some of the companies listed, a few were similar in their concepts.
A key concept in Virgin, Inc. is trust and providing feedback. Virgin, Inc. discovered and implemented the concept of trust among the CEO and top executives. Allowing employees to share ideas and provide feedback is a good way to keep communication lines open and build positive morale. Employees like to believe that they add value to their organization.
Toyota’s ability...

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