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Leadership In Lord Of The Flies Essay

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  • on February 24, 2011
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Leadership within Lord of the Flies

Throughout the novel Lord of the Flies there are many different themes. One of the most important themes that are shown throughout the novel is leadership. The novel is about a group of boys who get stuck on an island after their plane is shot down during World War Two. The boys soon find out that there isn’t anyone on the island but them. The lack adults on the island also results in the lack of a leader. At first the boys think it’s awesome to have no rules, but they soon realize that they need rules and a leader to function as a society properly.
Ralph is a natural leader and he is happy to be living every kid’s dream of living with no adults to tell them what to do. Ralph is mild-tempered and a well behaved boy. He suddenly becomes the chief when the other boys on the island vote him as the leader. Ralphs first example of his leadership skills were demonstrated when he notice Jack was mad that he wasn’t the leader. Ralph told Jack that he could still lead the choir boys. He finds a conch shell on the island which he uses as a symbol of his authority and he decides to use it as a sort of talking stick. He uses a democratic approach to the way he leads. He thinks that they should base all their decisions on what is best for everyone. He decides that the best idea is to build shelters for protection and a signal fire in hopes of getting rescued. Ralph is courageous when he needs to be. He represents the good side of the novel. When everyone else is starting to become more savage he is able to keep rational and he maintains a hope of rescue. He makes a good leader because he is able to see what people want and he tries to satisfy everybody’s needs.
Jack is a competitive type person who is used to always getting what he wants. He represents the evil and savage side of the novel. Ralph knows that Jack is the reason that there is so much disorder on the island because Jack doesn’t like the fact that Ralph’s is the leader...

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