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Leadership Paper

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Leadership Paper
Within a business, there are many questions regarding leadership qualities. Nowadays, many employers look for leadership qualities within a person when trying to hire for management positions. Yet, there is one critical question left to be asked, what exactly makes a leader. A leader is a person who influences a group of people towards the achievement of a goal. There are many famous leaders who influenced people and helped make a change in the world, for instance Martin Luther King. Subsequently, the most common types of leadership qualities are authoritarian, participative, and delegative leadership. Moreover, in order to be a successful businessman, a manager has to be able to be both a leader and manager at the same time.
When asked to think of a famous leader that helped change the world, the first thought that would come to the researcher’s mind would be Martin Luther King Jr. (MLK). His visionary speeches can be considered a form of leadership. These visionary speeches deeply inspired followers to fight for what they believed in, and to better their situation. Moreover, he challenged the laws that prevented equal treatment for all people, including African Americans. In standing up for his beliefs, he risked his life, insult, and ridicule. The researcher believes that a person is not born a leader; she believes that a person can become leader overtime. Who is to know if MLK was not born a leader, yet became one when he saw the unfair treatment of his people and decided he wanted to make difference in his life as well as others in the same situation as him.
The three main leadership styles that exist today are authoritarian, participative, and delegative leadership. The authoritarian leadership style has an autocratic approach. These types of leaders provide clear expectations for what needs to be done, and what is expected of a person.   Sadly enough, these types of leaders make decision independently. Any input from anyone is not taken...

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