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Leading Change Paper

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Leading Change Paper
University of Phoenix
Transformational Leadership

Leading Change Paper
The purpose of this paper is to describe organizational structure of Good Sport and describe the power structure and politics. This paper will present different strategies to manage resistance to change and the best strategy for the case. This paper will also identify   leadership strategies and conflict management methods used when implementing change.
Good Sport produces workout equipment such as bikes, treadmills, steppers, and rowers. Good Sport started 15 years ago by Jason Poole in Coral Springs, Florida. Since the start, Good Sport has expanded into three neighboring states. Good Sport has concentrated on marketing health clubs, hotels, and residential homes. Good Sport specializes in developing new innovative work out equipment for the average person.
Organizational structures are used to arrange employees to make production the most efficient and to meet the goals the company has set. Good Sport has a traditional hierarchical organizational structure. The four main aspects of this organizational structure are division of labor, departmentalization, arranging managers and subordinates, and decision-making authority. β€œThe traditional organizational structure is a hierarchical or pyramidal structure with a president or other executive at the top, a small number of vice presidents or senior managers under the president, and several layers of management below this, with the majority of employees at the bottom of the pyramid,” (Organizational Structure, 2007). Good Sport is controlled by a CEO with vice presidents of departments underneath them. The vice presidents are head of departments such as sales, production, and research, and development. In addition to upper-level management, there are managers at the middle and lower levels.
The organization is run as a team and takes ideas, thoughts and concepts from employees when making company decisions. In...

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