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Legal Issues in Reduction of Workforce Simulation Essay

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Laws prohibiting discrimination exist at both the federal and state levels.   When a company is faced with downsizing a great deal of factors come into play.   Someone has to be layoff and when this happens there is a risk of discrimination claims that might come up against the organization.   This simulation will demonstrate how the decisions made by the organization affects the lives of the employees and the legal ramifications that could arise if any indiscretions are committed.
Five Candidates for Dismissal and Key Employment Law Concepts

Candidates Key Concepts of Employment Law
Carl Haimes a 34 year old male who works for FastServe Inc. He has an above average track record and above median productivity. Carl has no special achievements. Carl is a Qualified System analyst and has a BS in Information Systems. His job responsibilities consist of maintenance of computer systems and LAN installation of Mac, Windows and Linnx platforms. Carl has no problem with being absent from work and he is under contract (University of Phoenix, 2004). The courts have not interpreted the Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 to prohibit discrimination against employees based on sexual orientation. The courts have defined sex to only mean the gender of a person not their sexual preference. A number of places do forbid discrimination based on sexual orientation, and Congress could amend Title VII to protect employees from such discrimination (Reed, Shedd, Morehead & Corley, 2005, p. 456).
Brian Carter a 32 year old male who works for FastServe, Inc. He has an average track record and median productivity. His achievements are being the person solely responsible for programming the 3-D ‘drape-n-see’ mannequins. Brain has an advanced certificate in VC++ and ASP. He is responsible for programming in VC++; ASP; HTML/DHTML and oracle 8/8i. Brian has been absent from work 17 days in the last two months and he is under contract (University of Phoenix, 2004). American with...

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