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legalize it or prohibit it Essay

  • Submitted by: xiaobing123
  • on December 7, 2008
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Legalize It or Prohibit It                                                                                                                                            
            People have always been in a heated discussion over whether euthanasia should be legalized or prohibited. I have seen many arguments about this topic in magazines and on the television. I have argued with friends about this issue many times as we have different views on it. It is clear that there are many people with their own stands as to whether or not assisted suicide is a relief to the terminal ill or is open to abuse.
The first issue which is broached during debates over such an issue is whether assisted suicide can be considered a relief. Kenneth Swift says that assisted suicide is essential for these terminal patients whose living has lost the meaning it has for the rest of us. Instead of suffering a painful wait for the end, the very same end which can be achieved with euthanasia (242). According to Sidney Hook, assisted suicide is a relief as terminal patients are spared from pain and suffering and allowed a quick death. “I dread imposing on my family and friends another grim round of misery similar to the one my first attack occasioned” (Hook 238).This means that the ones who suffer are not only the patients, but also the family members, who must shelter the ever increasing medical costs and emotional anguish which comes from watching patients in pain. Furthermore, Hook claims that assisted suicide will be a relief for the community, if the community decides not to “provide the adequate and costly services” to those terminal patients, such resources can instead be directed to helping those who can be saved and to reduces the strain on medical equipment and resources. (239) “Life is a precious gift”, but when the gift turn into the excruciating pain and incurable disease and the joy of living is ruined by the pain and suffering. “Surely an enlightened society, such as ours,”...

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