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lesson plan

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  • on November 11, 2009
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2.0   Lesson Plan to Teach the Poem “ Do You Love Me?’

Following is a lesson plan on teaching process of meaning-making in poem and also encourage the students enjoy the poem. This lesson plan specially designed for average level students:

Stage/Time Content/Material Presentation/ Rationale

Set Induction

±5 minutes

Whole Class Activity

1. What do you understand the word ‘love’? Give some examples of love.

Teaching Aids:

1. Teacher writes the title of the poem on whiteboard.
2. Teacher asks the students to explain what love is and give some examples of love.
3. Teacher lists down students’ answers on whiteboard.

1. Arouse interest and lead students into the lesson proper.
2. To activate past knowledge and to cognitively prepare the students for the lesson.

Activity 1

±10 minutes

Group Work

Teaching Aids:
Worksheet 1 ( refer to appendix 1 )

1. Teacher asks the students get into groups of 6.
2. Teacher distributes worksheet 1 to each of the students.
3. Teacher asks the students to read the poem quietly.
4. Teacher asks the students to discuss the meanings of the word or phases bold in the poem.

* Students can refer to their dictionary if they find the word or phases are difficult to understand.


1. Enable students to explore the meaning of word or phases in the poem.

Activity 2

±10 minutes

Group Work

Guidance Questions:
1. What do you think the poem is about?
2. Is it going to describe love between a man and a woman? If not, what kind of love is about? Why?
3. Which stanza or phases prove your statement?

Teaching Aids:
Marker pen, overhead projector, transparency and worksheet 1

1. Teacher asks the students to maintain their groups.
2. Teacher asks the students in group to explain the intended meaning of the poem.
3. Pupils in group present their work in front of the class at randomly.
4. Teacher and students discuss...

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