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Letter from a slave

  • Submitted by: wuhmtwekh14
  • on August 31, 2009
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Dear Cousin,

Picture yourself on your own land raising a family not having to work every day, having the pressure of getting whipped if you don’t work hard enough. Imagine living free on your own farm away from the plantation. I think you should trust Harriet Tubman to guide you on the Underground Railroad to freedom. You should trust her because she is determined, protective and brave.
My first example of why you should go with Harriet Tubman is that she is determined. One example of her being determined is when we got to the first stop on the Underground Railroad the owner of the house turned us down because they had recently been checked to see if they were harboring slaves. Despite this she urged the fugitives on telling them about stories of how the next stop on the railroad had food, drink and a place to rest. These stories kept the fugitives morale up and kept them going. Another example of Harriet Tubman’s determination is how when it was cold and there was snow on the ground she kept on going all the way singing songs and telling stories to the fugitives. This is one reason why you should take the under-ground railroad.
Harriet Tubman is protective of her runaway slaves. She makes sure that we fought fatigue and kept running. Times were tough as winter approached and the freezing winter ground nipped at our bar feet. The way to Canada is treacherous and some of us wanted to go back but she said either come with her or die. She said this because she knew that if she let us go back we would get caught, questioned and tortured until we told him where the stops on the underground railroad were and who Harriet really was. When we approach a stop on the Underground Railroad we stay back while Harriet goes up and knocks on the door, she would rather get caught then all of us. So if you decide to come don’t be afraid because Harriet is a very protective person.
Harriet Tubman is the bravest person I have ever met going back and forth to plantations and...

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