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Letters from an American farmer Essay

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  • on December 14, 2008
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Michel-Guillaume-Jean de Crevecoeur’s “Letters from an American Farmer” portray a very cynical tone towards the Europeans, while also displaying a positive tone towards the Americans. Though for some, life was lavish and grandeur in Europe, many commoners had not been treated right under European control, and therefore, had to migrate from Europe as an only resort. Coming to America, they quickly caught on to the freedom given to them in America and were able to flourish.
The first sentence states, “the poor of Europe” indicate that it wasn’t everyone that migrated but the poor and also infer that America had been created by the poor and “wretch”. [Starving] and time after time because his “country [has] no bread for him, and suffering from “affliction” and being under the [severe] “laws” of Europe, the commoner in Europe feels betrayed by his own country. The commoner had been forced to leave “by a variety of motives” indicate that it wasn’t just the harsh life they led, but a multitude of reasons, perhaps religious persecution. These negatives views of Europe would cause any man to leave.
In setting foot in the new world, the poor of Europe planned to become [regenerated] and start anew. The “new laws, “new mode of living” and a “new social system” had been created by the Americans in order to prevent America from becoming the “New Europe”. America, being regarded as “this great American asylum”, isn’t used to indicate that America was for the mentally ill but as a safe haven, a sanctuary for the unwanted of Europe.   The comparison of a [withering] flower in Europe to the Americans adds imagery to the passage. “Withered and mowed down…by want, hunger and war”, the wretches of Europe “[took] root and flourished”. At times, Crevecoeur feels sympathetic towards the Americans for having endured the injustices in Europe. The “surprising metamorphosis” of the poor of Europe into the citizens of America implies that it occurred for the better. In trying to identify...

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