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Lifc Notes Essay

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  • on December 5, 2011
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Chapter 9 Air Pollution
P 58 different pollutants hv different sources
Find out the sources of different pollutants!!!

P61 There are ozone accumulation and depletion~

P71 Normal: pH 7 (neutral), normal raining pH: 5-6, a bit acidic
Sources of acidic raining: SO2, NOX(X=123), from industrial activities
H2SO4 and HNO3 are strong acidic-> acid rain gas-> +O2 (air is highly oxidized, lots of radicals)-> acid-> proton-> wet deposition-> soil/land-> CYCLE (environmental behavior)
P72 Apart from natural sources, there are artificial process producing SO2, NOX
P73 Sea water-> alkaline-> no too much variation, nearly constant
Rain water-> acidic-> can change a lot->in lake, there are variations
P74 Acid raining: the pH of rain in lower than 5.5 (acid precipitation)
 Serious in China (about 90% of cities in China have acid rain problem
 East of US, the pH is very low, even 4.2( P76), its very acidic, uneven distribution
 West -> normal raining (coz 5.6)
 Overall, most regions have acid rain**
P77 in all countries, not only the industrialized countries, hv the acid rain problem
Acid rain-> effect forest-> soil become acidic-> so, acidic soil is not suitable for forest growth
Lake (fresh water system): more sensitive to pH change, don’t have regulation in pH, so, if protons is added to lake-> pH in lake will be lower (primary pollutants)
Acid deposition in the soil will cause a lot of chemical reactions
- Increase inputs of ions into the lake system, eg, Ca, Mg (secondary pollutants)
- Increase the trace metals to the lake (toxic to lake) (secondary pollutants)
- Introduce another source of pollutants into the lake system
 Marine system (eg, ocean) can regulate the change in pH
P78 Leach heavy metals: secondary pollutants
Clear, blue lake-> not healthy, cause acidic, less organisms in the lake
P79 in China, many buildings are acidified~ damaged by acid rain
Have a mechanism to maintain a...

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