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Life Essay

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It may also be asserted that though he was being quickly wiped out of his family’s life, he would leave traces that would remain permanent in the minds of the people who loved him, particularly his wife and unborn child.
Creating a story of one’s life in the manner that Bob did is only possible through coming to terms with one’s self, as Bob did. At this point, one must not forget the importance of the faith-healer who initially told him to forgive everyone he had problems with.

Listening to this good advice had led bob to proving himself as a good human being at his very end, leaving his unborn child with clear images of a man with good intentions. In creating such an image for himself which was in a sense very honest, bob changed all that he had done before this time. This refers to the fact that he had cut out his parents from his life. However, this all changed with his realization of death. He knew that he had to change whatever was not right, and so, he carved an image for himself. In this carving of an image for himself, it must be emphasized that forgiveness is a chief element in Bob’s nature, and one through which he would find peace eventually. Though the story he made is one that is largely touching, it certainly does have a moral approach in it is well.

‘My Life’ can be said to be a story within a story; and it is not just a story but a revelation of what happens to a human being who knows that s/he is close to death. This movie helps one to understand the importance of human life, human relations and the importance of maintaining peace with one’s family and friends. However, in a technical sense, the movie ‘My Life’ is one that describes how one may put together a given amount of facts and present a complete picture of one’s life and death.
This is precisely what Bob did in order to present his life and death to his unborn child; he put all that was necessary and true of himself and his family on film so that his child would have a chance...

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