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Life After Wrestling Essay

  • Submitted by: sullivancolin6
  • on February 27, 2011
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Sullivan   1
Colin Sullivan

23 January 2011

Life After Wrestling

Four month every year for the past four years of my life are spent drowning in my own perspiration, sitting through seven hours of class a day trying to hush my growling stomach, taping fractured fingers to the unimpaired one next to it, all to compete for at best thirty six minutes a week. Those short lived minutes though were what kept me coming back for more pushing through all the strain that told my body to stop, just to be back in the center of the mat in-front of a crowd, wrestling. Battling the opponent facing me in the center of the mat gave me no greater joy because winning a match meant physically showing that you were dominant in a controlled fight. Its what I gave up, fought through and overcame to wrestle each week that gave me the values and characteristics that I hold with me to this day. Wrestling has led me to be more self disciplined and has allowed me to be more successful in other aspects of my life.
If it weren’t for making myself finish practicing that one extra takedown, wrestling just that small but significant bit better in practice or running that extra mile after practice I wouldn’t have pulled of the tight, nail-bitting overtime matches each week. At the time the purpose of working harder preparing for my match was to better my chances of beating my opponent. Today though, that additional push has carried on to show me what a difference that extra effort makes in my school work, relationships, problem solving and other various tasks. Formerly I did what it took to get the job done, I did what got me by and I did the bare minimum to give mediocre but acceptable results. It took getting my head ground into the mat as a freshman by veteran wrestlers to get myself to put the extra effort to become superior like the ones that once dominated me. Naturally I learned that this principal was easily applied to areas other than just wrestling. Wrestling builds this...

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