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Life As We Know It Essay

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  • on February 27, 2011
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Below is an essay on "Life As We Know It" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Introduction to the Human Body
Chapter 1
Anatomy and Physiology
Study of the structure and organization of the body and its parts.
Gross anatomy vs. Microanatomy
Viewing the organism as a whole
Viewing the structure and organization of the individual parts composing the organism.
Study of the function of the body and its parts

Levels of Organization
Chemical level
Most fundamental level
Atoms – composed of sub-atomic particles
Molecules – composed of atoms
Cellular level
Cells are the basic structural and functional unit of the body
Organelles – perform specific functions within the cell
Tissue level
Aggregation of similar cells that perform similar functions
Several different types

Levels of organization (continued)
Organ level
Two or more tissues that work together to perform specific functions
Organ system level
Groups of organs that work together to perform specific system functions
11 organ systems associated with the human body
Organism Level
A complete and entire living thing

Levels of organization (continued)
Although we will be studying the various tissues, organs, and organ systems that compose the human body as separate entities, always remember that:
Everything is connected!

Directional Terms
Terms describing the relative position of a body part
Terms occur in pairs with opposite meanings
Anterior   --   Posterior
Superior   --   Inferior
Internal   --   External
Proximal   --   Distal
Parietal -- Visceral
Uses the anatomical position
Upright body
Arms at sides with palms forward

Body Cavities
A body cavity is a space within the body that contains internal organs.
There are two major body cavities:
Dorsal cavity – posterior or toward the back
Ventral cavity – anterior or toward the front

Body Cavities (continued)
Dorsal cavity: Ventral Cavity:
Cranial cavity       Thoracic cavity
Vertebral canal       Abdominopelvic cavity

Body Cavities - Membranes
Membranes of body...

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