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Life Of Brazil Essay

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  • on December 4, 2008
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- Portuguese in culture and language
- 130 million Portuguese people
- What country needs most is capital to build up their natural resources.
- Brazil has the most modern capital city in America.
- Communication is one of the greatest problems in Brazil.
- Regionalism is also a large problem.
- 5% of the population is Indian. They are ranked among the most primitive people in the world.
- 1807 – Napoleon invaded Spain.
- With the help of the British fleet, and about a thousand people from royalty, left Portugal during the time that Napoleon invaded Spain. The Portuguese wanted to get as far as possible away from Napoleon, so instead of hittin up Africa, they went to Brazil.

Royalty in Brazil
- House of Braganza was the ruling family of Portugal from 1640-1910 and in Brazil from 1822-1889.
- The Queen of Portugal at the time was Mary I (1777-1816)
- Mentally imbalanced. The person who was really ruling the country was Joao VI (1816-1822).
- In 1816, he added Uruguay to Brazil.
- He was asked to go back to Portugal, and left his son Pedro I in charge.
- Emperor Pedro I (1822-1831)
- December 7, 1822 – El Grito de Ypiranga – When Pedro was in Ypiranga, he received a message from his wife that they were gonna be sent back to Portugal, and he was like, ‘F dat shit niuh, Brazil is free… (niuh)’
- The courts were trying to force him to send his children, Maria da Gloria (who later on becomes queen of Portugale) and Pedro II (King from 1840-1888)
- Before Pedro II could rule the country, a regency ruled in Portugal, because in 1831 Pedro II was just 5 years old.
“The Power of dee Crown is ehhh, bery power-fool”
- Pedro II was the best ruler of America at the time. He was ‘amazing’.

Pedro II
- Liberal Reformist
- Abolished slavery – Law come up with by Barao de Rio Branco
1. Kids born from slave mothers were free
2. Slaves over 65 were free
3. Slaves were prohibited against working on government land
4. Gave freedom...

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