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Life in America as a Foreign Country Essay

  • Submitted by: druecbedy10
  • on October 15, 2009
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Below is an essay on "Life in America as a Foreign Country" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Being as a foreign country and live in a different country is was not easy.   The language, the living, the culture are very different.   It just like I’ve has to start my life all over again struggle to be fit in.   Sometime, I got tease from other people whose were cruel enough to make fun and laugh at me.   However, that will not going to stop me from being part of society.
Back home, everything is hard to be living in so my mom took all three of us and move to America hope for a better life.   I’m still remember my first day in 1998 to United States of America, after we get off the airplane and went out to the package pick up station; I saw a lot of people walk by, whose were so tall and big compare to us.   Blonde hairs, blue eyes, some people even have brown hairs and hazel eyes.   They are dress so different and talk different language too.   At that time, I were so curious wonder what were they talking about?   Were they talking about us?   Why they don’t look like us?   There is so many question keep popping in my head.   I decide to ask my mom, “Mom, why are those people looking so weird?   How come they didn’t speak like us?” using my foreign language.   At that time, I was just a little kid and thought that everybody in the world are speaking the same language just like in those Chinese movies that I used to watch back at home.   I did not know those movies had already re-edited to my language.   Therefore, mom was look at me and did not know how to explain.
Outside, there was an Asian guy, whom work for community service and was waiting for us, holding the sign said “Welcome to America”.   He’s drive a nice car and that is the first time I ever ride a car.   Back home, only famous people could ride car like that and to normal citizen like us could only ride a motorcycle because the road is very small.   It could only fit one car on the road, and other reason why I could not really know.   I did not used to ride a car at that time so I had a bad seasick which is almost...

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