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Life Is a Game Essay

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  • on December 5, 2011
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Life is a game:
First game snowflakes: individualization
Second game partnership: more individualization and change
Third game team selection: Forest love; change needed
Fourth game battle: fear of Technology

Life is a game and everyone plays their own game differently. Everyone must have multiple stages to their game though; some more than others, a partner to play against, and a main game to play against your partner. The first stage of one’s life will always be the same for everyone who plays the game of life. The first stage, also known as the snowflake stage is the most important stage of life: it is the stage in which souls are shaped depending on the souls motives desires, ambitions, strengths, weaknesses, and fears. The shape of the soul is then modified even further by its desire to change certain aspects of itself.
If a soul doesn’t have any desire to change any aspects of itself then it won’t be a one of a kind, and it will be thrown away. All souls must be a one of a kind just like the people they represent. Once a soul is a one a kind it has passed the first stage, the only way to achieve this though is for oneself to be influenced only by itself, that way the soul is itself and nobody else.
The shape of the soul will determine the partner, who also plays the roll of one’s consciousness. A person’s consciousness lives in the dreams of their soul, better known as the inner world, a psychological world built for one particular person.People go to their conscious in hopes of advice.
When someone first meets their conscious they are allowed to pick a theme that will modify their inner world. While this happens the conscious also adjusts the inner world, just enough to give it the upper hand.
People and their conscious will play a game against each other, if the person wins then their conscious will give them advice from then on; but if their conscious wins then the person must try again. The most important thing for anyone to remember when...

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