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Life Suchs Essay

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Throughout the twenty articles, I learned that there are many perspectives of economics that can be viewed and discussed.   Especially in this turbulent recession, the house crisis and the breakdown of banks represent a portion of the articles I found in New York Times.   Economy is part of everyday life and we should be able to comprehend and understand what it’s being said in the articles that can be found in newspaper or online.   Most of the article addresses several issues related to values and the evaluation of federal economic development policies. First, it focuses on the issue of goals in relation to the evaluation of federal policies: The achievement of federal economic development policies that Obama administration presented.   Second, it addresses connections between how goals are defined, what analysts choose to evaluate, and the results of evaluations. Finally, the article suggests an alternative approach to evaluating federal development policies, incorporating an explicit identification of values and a broader notion of what is meant by federal economic development. Most importantly, ever since America has opened its labor markets to people of other countries; mainly China, India, and anyone who can walk across our borders, the middle class has been getting screwed. It began in the late 1990's with Bill Clinton in office, and has been running rampant ever since.   What America needs to fix this "problem" is more "Protectionist" leaders to make policies that do not favor "Free Trade," and unlimited foreign labor. When the country gets tired enough of having people like your boss, and most members of the media telling them that the cost of living is not going up, wages are going up. For example, we saw the bonuses on Wall Street and the bonuses the CEOs receive, and that the Middle Class is not going to be left out of this equation the problem will most likely be solved.

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