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Lit And Film Essay

  • Submitted by: mookmook1
  • on December 8, 2008
  • Category: Social Issues
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Women and men around the world think differently about Lit/film and almost everything else. It seems as if men are less empathic and women are more empathic human beings, also women and men evaluate violence against women differently.   Women have more experience in violence being brought to them than men have. It comes from backgrounds and experiences in these situations to have knowledge and have to empathy. From the article Women as healers by Carol Shepard McClain says that when men become stressed they adopt an emotional response. Men and women are different and they do look at film/lit differently because they have different genetics differences. Foxfire is a short story book by Joyce Carol Oates. This book was in the 1950’s and a girl name legs Sadovsky was the leader of a gang with four other girls, It was placed in a lower tower town in New York. These girls called them selves blood sisters and foxfire. To these girls’ men where their enemy and they wanted revenge. In this short story these girls do wild thing   to men, one teacher they wrote on this car in big bold letters crazy things.   These girls are lacking attention form home so they go to the streets to get attention. These girls go threw everyday conflicts girls go threw as girls.

                                                                                                                          Williams 2
The article Women as healers by Carol McClain states “that women are more empathic and have more feelings about being close to others, to be more cooperative and altruistic and to share more and have a personal and superior at nonverbal communications. Women also are the more sensitive to others”. In the book Foxfire by Joyce carol Oates quoted “when that sonuvabitch picks on Rita, you betta tell yourself he’s picking on you cause if he could, he would”. Women, even girl gangs...

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