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Literacy Essay

  • Submitted by: sevag
  • on December 4, 2011
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Being human is about learning. Reading is one of the efficient ways to learn and acquire information. Literacy is very important in our society nowadays. It is the ability to read, write and communicate with other people in a meaningful and interesting ways. The history of literacy started when writing was created, in other words when the alphabet was found. Schools were opened so that everybody can go and learn how to read, write and acquire information, which is scarce and hard to find. Teachers in colleges and universities take the topic literacy very seriously. Reading opens a new world in front of you. You can learn something new every time you read. Reading is knowledge and knowledge is power. Malcolm X and Frederick Douglas confronted entire different and new world when they learned to read. There is a big relationship between knowledge and power. I believe that when you have a lot of knowledge, you have the power to argue and discuss various topics.
A literate person would be able to express whatever they want in writing. “I became increasingly frustrated at not being able to express what I wanted to convey in letters that I wrote” (Malcolm X, 225). Malcolm X managed to develop reading skills in Norfolk Prison by getting a dictionary from the prison school and copying each and every word in his notebook even the punctuations. After copying the words he started reading what he wrote to himself out loud. Then he learned every word he didn’t know what it meant. Every free minute Malcolm X had spent it reading books and articles. He was enjoying reading so much that he didn’t feel he was doing time. In fact, he felt free once in his life. He spent eighteen to twenty hours of reading every day. After he developed reading skills, the world views changed so much for him. He learned how “Christian Trader” white man traveled the seas for Asian and African empires. He learned about India, how the British white man controlled India through promises and...

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