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The living dead Essay

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The Living Dead
By Neal Walker

Our class visited one of the most amazing scientifical exhibits in our country, Taiwanese bodies on display for our examination. These people, besides the hear say stories, all died a natural death, they are not prisoners. The bodies are persevered by being embalmed through a process called plastification. This is the moister in the bodies are dehydrated to 1% of its original amount.   The eyes, and breast on the women, are all artificial due to the fact that the parts are made up of mostly moisture (water). The bodies are then striped of the most of the skin to show the muscles, organs, arteries, veins, and nerves. Since the coloring is in the moisture of the body the bodies are then “painted” to show the specific parts and to identify the deference’s in them. Having the bodies and their parts separated, colored, and labeled really gives us a precise look on what they really look like and better understand on how they can work in unison.  
We were asked to give our top ten favorite displays. Starting at ten, being the least, and going to one, being the greatest on my list.
Here is my list:
10) Human hand and forearm still together was astonishing because you saw the tendons moving down the arm to the hand and seeing how it was placed together.
9) Tongue and trachea all still connected was a very stimulating due to the fact it was all in unanimity.
8) The human head but perfectly in half was disturbing to me but let me know how the human head looked when in a relaxed postion. How all the pieces fit and worked to allow itself to work properly.
7) The Pulmonary smilunar valve was incredible so see the valve and how it would work.
6) The entire layout of the veins in the limbs was incredible to see. It was displayed by                 them but placed into the shape of the human limbs to show were they go.   Its complexity was amazing. They all intertwined and yet had the same function.
5) The full spinal cord of a child...

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