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Looking Ahead Essay

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Below is an essay on "Looking Ahead" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

You must always look ahead when you make a decision to do something. By looking ahead you know if what you are doing will have a positive outcome or not.

Recently, I started attending a group and made a lot of friends. I get a ton of attention from the guys too. During the last meeting, Alex told me that Devin 'liked' me and wanted to know if I liked him back. Alex and I spent the whole meeting passing notes - with me saying that it's impossible for him to like me, and Alex arguing that he did.
Afterwards while I was talking with a group of people, Devin told me he wanted to 'talk' to me. I knew what he was going to say but I didn't want to deal with it. I responded by telling him in front of everyone 'We have nothing to talk about' and I ignored him the rest of the time...
I felt bad about dissing him like that and reacting rudely. If I didn't like him that way I should've bluntly stated it instead of being a jerk. I have been longing to talk to him since then to seek his forgiveness.

I was talking on the phone to a guy named Keagan, and I told him I would be attending this meeting and that he should come too. MY BIG MISTAKE...
Now I realize that if Keagan comes I will not be able to socialize with my other guy friends nor will I be able to seek Devin's forgiveness.

I ended up calling keagan and telling him that I could not make it and to meet me there next week. That way he can see me and Devin and I can work things out...

The thing I learned from this is to always be honest with yourself...and THINK before you SPEAK or ACT

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