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lord of the flies Essay

  • Submitted by: smokedat78
  • on December 3, 2008
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The rise of democracy and its fall to anarchy, no this isn’t the happenings in some foreign country this was on an island with just a group of English schoolboys. In this novel the author William Golding uses this group of boys to describe his view on the world which is innate evil, then uses a conch to symbolize democracy and order and lastly shows the stages of development each boy is at before they arrive on the island and after.
Innate evil: The idea that the entire human race is born with evil inside them. Golding is a firm believer in this idea and it shows in the novel. In the beginning of the novel when Ralph and Piggy meet you can see the little form of evil in Ralph in that he doesn’t really respect Piggy and just is using him. Then when Ralph uses the conch for the first time and gets the boys together the evil is really shown on the island. This evil comes in the form of Jack. Jack has always had power even before the island in that he was the head of the choir boys. Jack seems to be the key figure in innate evil he respects no one and demands it from everyone. "'You're no good on a job like this.'" Chapter 1, pg. 22. This quote being directed to Piggy when the hunters are formed and go to explore the island.
The conch. A simple sea shell of sorts which on in this novel symbolizes democracy and law and order. In the beginning of the novel Ralph finds the conch and blows into it and when the others hear it come and join to have their first meeting. From their on out the conch is what helped those meetings to be orderly and well."'We've got to have rules and obey them. After all, we're not savages, we're English. Chapter 2 pg. 40
This continued through out the rest of the novel up until the last chapters. In the last chapters of the book after Piggy is killed the conch is broke. With the breaking of the conch all hell broke loose and the island fell into complete anarchy. What you can see the symbol of the conch when it is still whole keeps the...

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