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Lost Christianities Essay

  • Submitted by: danloumog17
  • on December 4, 2009
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Below is an essay on "Lost Christianities" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Lost Christianities is a book that examines the contending beliefs of Christianity before it became orthodoxy. Bart D. Ehrman explores what might have happened if these other forms of Christianity would not have been buried or hidden from the world. Ehrman also discusses who was responsible for suppressing these teachings and why they felt that they needed to create a Canonical Scripture and that it wasn’t necessarily one group of Christians that ended up winning the debate, but in fact today’s Christian belief is a little bit of several different Christian beliefs at the time, some ideas borrowed others were common ground (Ehrman 253).
What would have happened if a different type of Christianity would have survived? If the Marcionites would have been the more forceful ideology, the world might have been decisively anti-Jewish. Because they believed that there were two gods, one of the Jewish world and one of the Jesus world. The Marcionites believed that they should forget anything that connected Christianity with Jewish faith (Ehrman 109). What if the Ebionites would have become the dominate Christianity in Rome the world might have been a very different place as well. The New Testament would have been a very different book; the Ebionites did not believe that the Apostle Paul was a heretic his teachings would never made the final cut of the New Testament.   The Marcionites and Ebionites were polar opposites when it came to the Jewish involvement in Christianity. Yet the proto-orthodox Christians adopted the “true” Judaism and by doing so Christians overcame the idea that Christianity was a “new” religion. “Had Christians not been able to make a plausible case for the antiquity of their religion, it never would have succeeded in the empire” (Ehrman 112).
So why did the proto-orthodox Christians win the war of ideology, Ehrman suggest that while proto-orthodox Christians were better organized they also were influence in one way or another by everyone (Ehrman 136)...

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