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Lost In Lust Essay

  • Submitted by: blanks1523
  • on February 28, 2011
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Lust is having an intense or unrestrained sexual craving and desire. In the short story “Lust,” Susan Minot does a very good job at portraying the mind of a promiscuous high school girl. Lust can be very powerful and seductive, but it is selfish and completely opposite to love. Girls who have sex with a lot of different boys can identify with the desire to feel needed. The characters in “Lust” are written in a way as to draw attention to the dysfunction and disconnection of everyone involved. The narrator herself is nameless and faceless throughout the story, making the readers believe that she has somehow already disappeared, just as the men in her life seemed to have made her disappear after having sex. Likewise, the men are only identified by their sexual acts or by their sexual characteristics, like Tim’s “banana curve” (Minot 343). What makes the story sad is the girl knows that she is basically nothing to anyone except a hook-up. Many people who have casual sex start to feel this way and there usually seems to be something missing in their lives. When I was reading the story I thought to myself, “Where are this girl’s parents?” Things became very clear to me when I realized that the narrator was in boarding school. It is unfortunate for many people that are sent off to boarding school because they do not always have a close adult figure in their life to give them advice about sex.
The story starts off with the narrator, a fifteen-year-old girl, talking about the first time she had ever had sex with a boy. As the story goes on, the girl continues to talk more about all of the boys that she has been with and the different situations that she has been in with them. The narrator does not talk much about anything else outside of her sexual experiences that she has had with the boys. I really feel as though the narrator has very low self esteem and does not think much of herself. “Some things I was good at, like math or painting or even sports, but the second a...

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