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Love Essay

  • Submitted by: delco2
  • on December 9, 2008
  • Category: Miscellaneous
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This one little 4 lettered word changes the lives of people everyday. Some crave it, some gain it, some lose it, some dream about it...some just simply would die for it.

I found love in the most unique way.....and love found me....it came out of the darkness..brightened my world and captured my soul.

LOVE to understand its existence one must realize that it is without explanation...it is a mere abstract concept. You cant say why you love someone but you can say what you love about that someone or what you feel with that someone.

LOVE is that feeling you get when your phone goes off with a text or a call and you pray that it is the one you love..and if it is not..your heart sinks because you miss them so much. Your hoping they miss you too.

LOVE is that feeling you get when they walk into a room and the smile across their face melts your heart and makes your soul sing.

LOVE is that feeling when you kiss and you lose your breath not for just a moment or a single time but every time your lips meet theirs.

LOVE is that feeling of comfort and enjoyment, fulfillment and hope, dreams and memories.

LOVE is those intimate moments...the ones you never felt before...the ones that touched you through and through...every part of you..to the deepest recesses of your soul.

LOVE is being yourself..feeling like you have known the one you love forever and that you can completely   be yourself and know you are loved for you.

LOVE is every moment spent together that lingers in your heart, dwells in your soul, weighs on your mind and lives on the tip of your tongue.

LOVE is waking up to the one you love and realizing that there isn’t any other place you would rather be than right there next to that special someone.

LOVE is fighting for what you want and who you want even when the battle is over-the war has just begun.

You see I love someone with all my heart, soul, mind and body. She didn’t just touch one part of my life but she impacted...

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