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Love And Hate Essay

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Love and Hate

The poems “Love Song” and “A Chinese Banquet” deals with love and hate. One tells of the love he has for his lady with undertones of control while the other poem tells of the love she has for her lover and how she hates that they can’t be together because of people’s beliefs.
The poem “Love Song” tells of a man that is showing how much he loves his lady but it also has a sense of control that he has over her or wants to have over her. In the first stanza he says “If you were drowning, I’d come to the rescue, /wrap you in my blanket and pour hot toes”   which let’s you know that he really cares about this person but he also goes on to say “If I were a sheriff, I’d arrest you/ and keep you in the cell under lock and key”. So he tells of his love but also he tells of how he wants to control her. This poem is based on a series of if/then sentences in the first stanza. In the second stanza he tells of being a bird and making a record so he can listen to her voice. He assures her she would love the drill being that she would love being with him. He goes on to say in the third stanza that if she was Chinese he would learn the language just so he could talk to her. In the fourth stanza he closes with “if you loved volcanoes, I’d be the lava” and if you were my wife, I’d be your lover/because the church is firmly against divorce”. This poem is definitely a contrasting poem. He tells of how much he loves her and then tells of how he wants to control her.
The poem “A Chinese Banquet” tells of how a woman loves another woman and how they cannot be together because of her family. Her family doesn’t understand that lifestyle and so she can’t bring her lover to any of the gatherings her family has. She tells first how the people looked at the party by saying “all the women over twelve/ wore long gowns and a corsage”. She tells of who all is there at the gathering “aunts and uncles and cousin, /the grandson who is a dentist” (9, 10). She lets you know how...

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