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Love & Sex in Greek Myths Essay

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Greek mythology is full of stories of love and sexuality among mortals and immortals.   These two aspects were vital and existed in a person’s everyday life.   Love and sexuality is simply a part of nature and truly couldn’t be unrecognized.

The ancient Greeks believed that love was a very important emotion.   They even had four different kinds of love, phileo, storge, agape and eros.
Phileo was the love of friendship.   The familial love such as a mother loving her daughter described Storge.  
Agape was pure and unconditional love.   This was also described as sacrificial love where one would literally make any kind of sacrifices for their beloved.   Eros is sensual love meaning love by senses and sexual desire.        

In Greek mythology, there were many love stories in which sex was nonexistent. But other myths had sexual conjunctions without love. Sexuality and love was treated separately; they did not go hand in hand.
Zeus, Poseidon and other male gods had sex with many women without their consent because there sexual desire was so strong.   Nevertheless, there wasn’t any love involved between the male and female at the time of this sexual union.   The gods were merely filled with passionate lust for these women.

The raping of Greek women was commonplace at the time in view of the fact that men controlled the women and thus, treated them as property.
Nonetheless, there have been many beautiful love stories in which sex wasn’t of any importance for the people involved.  
An example is the story of Pyramus and Thisbe where one lover committed suicide and the other did the same so that they can be united and be forever together in the afterlife.

For the ancient Greeks, sex was necessary in life and marriage was used for only procreation since the females were believed to be unequal to man and had very low status.

Sex wasn’t considered as an evil temptation nor was it only used just for procreation.

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