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Love and War Essay

  • Submitted by: ideptvagpiw
  • on December 15, 2008
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Repetition is another element Zarlengo sought out in "Theme for English B" by Langston Hughes.   She stated that Hughes used repetition especially in the stanza about one's relationship with their home.   Zarlengo goes on to explain that it is related to Hughes' love for music.   How he appreciated the music that didn't have a limited beat and/or language pattern.   By taking the free flowing beats of jazz and the unlimited language pattern in bebop, Hughes combined both styles in order to establish the form and structure of this poem.    

After many paragraphs about the music during Hughes' era, Zarlengo finally gets back to "Theme for English B."   She moves on to the element of theme and how she believes that this poem sums up the American dream.   Trying to prove her point, she gives evidence straight from the second stanza in which the student tells of his birth in Winston, Salem.   By using the move from the south to the north, Kristina suggests that it was a change that was caused by oppression.

I agree with most of what Kristina talked about in her analysis of "Theme for English B."   This poem was not restrained by any structure.   Hughes used free verse just as a student would to write a biography about himself.   I did notice the inconsistent rhythm of the rhyme as well.   It wasn't a rhythm I was familiar with, but I'd like to see how some one would read it.   By reading her thoughts of the theme, it does make sense now that I think of it.   But just because what she thinks is the theme makes a whole lot of sense, it doesn't mean that mine is wrong.   People interpret poetry differently. I myself went with the whole equality route.   All in all, are thoughts weren't that far off.

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