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Low Morale Employees Essay

  • Submitted by: suka330
  • on December 10, 2008
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I am currently an employee of the Academic Department at DeVry University.   After graduating from DeVry University, I was offered a full-time position as an Academic Secretary; I have held this position for three months.   Although three months may not be extensive enough for a deep perception of situations, but I have experienced and seen various changes made in the department that have affected employees and students. I consider our Academic Department very unique. It is unique in the way that we work together with the Registrar Department. In reality, it may look like an Academic Department outside, but we carry two departments within. Therefore, issues and problems that I see first hand are an accumulation of both departments, Registrar and Academics.
Some of the problems I have seen in this company through the months are: performance evaluation, job satisfaction, salary satisfaction, motivation, employee retention, student retention.   However, for this term paper, I will focus on my department’s low employee morale and how it can be improved.
      Problem Statement
Around March of 2006, there were major organizational changes made within our department. Once changes were made, upper management were selected, one person left. Three months after changes, the Academic / Registrar Department went through a downsizing period with our entire full time faculty. Since then, four employees have quit our department within six months. After so many employees leaving and laid off from the Academic / Registrar Departments,a morale problem existed among the employees of DeVry University.
Literature Review
Morale is defined as the end result of many factors present in the workplace environment. Some of these factors are the work setting itself, worker satisfaction and action, salary, supervisory input, working condition ns, status, and more.   Some of the signs of decreased morale are: tardiness, absenteeism, apathy, moping, backstabbing, decreased...

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