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lowering the drinking age Essay

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  • on December 15, 2008
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“’Come on. Take a drink.’ ‘One drink won’t kill you.’ ‘It’s fun.’ ‘EVERYONE

is doing it.’” Most teenagers eighteen years old or younger have probably heard

one of these saying one or more times in their lifetime. Lowering the drinking age

to eighteen would increase the chances of kids and teens hearing these

comments. There are already 11 teens that die each day due to alcohol related

crashes. Lowering the drinking age would increase the teen alcohol related car

crashes each year. People like to think if you can serve in the war and risk your

life you should be old enough to drink. Or since Europeans let their children

drink, our American children should be allowed to drink as well. What most

people don’t know is alcohol is more then just a good way to feel good. It’s a

poison and as apposed to cigarettes, cocaine, and marijuana, 80% of high school

students have consumed alcohol. While only 62% have smoked a cigarette, 49%

have tried marijuana, and 9% have tried cocaine. The age most children have

tried alcohol is thirteen years old. Lowering the drinking age would lower the age

children try alcohol at. So Honestly, the only people that will benefit from

lowering the drinking age to eighteen years old, would be the producers and

distributors of alcohol.  

There has been a debate since Prohibition, on whether alcohol

consumption age should be eighteen or twenty-one. Prohibition occurred

in 1919, when the 18th Amendment was approved. This Amendment was

repealed with the 21st Amendment in 1933.   (FindLaw)   The National

Minimum Drinking Age Act of 1984 made all of the states change their

legal drinking age. If the states refused, they would lose money under the

Federal Aid Highway Act. (Koroknay-Palicz) Candy Lightneeer is the founder of

MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving), who played a key role in passing the

National Minimum Drinking Act of 1984.   The National Traffic...

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