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Loyalty Essay

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  • on February 24, 2011
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Edwin Louis Cole once said, “Confidentiality is a virtue of the loyal, as loyalty is the virtue of faithfulness". Loyalty it seems goes hand in hand with nearly every natural relationship that humans have. In order to form any type of family unit, loving relationship or even a nation every member must have loyalty to the others in their unit. When loyalty is lost emotional ties seem to come undone so quickly. The lack of loyalty can entirely change one person’s feelings towards another’s. It seems that people fail to actually take into account the large role that loyalty is going to play in their lives.
Early on in life almost every young child learns that if they do not keep loyalty to certain people in their lives they will lose trust and therefore alter their relationship all together. With this in consideration, and knowing the consequences of failing to be loyal it is amazing that humans still make the decision to be disloyal. It becomes clear how little people value relationships with others when they are disloyal. The more a person is loyal to another person the more they trust them, and the more they love them. There is no love without trust, and no trust without loyalty.
There are so many different relationships in life that require loyalty, one of which being the basic structure of marriage. Marriage is the idea that two people will find each other in life and form a bond between the two of them that will last until they die. In America we have one of the highest divorce rates, almost half of all marriages fail, these rates reflect on the infidelity of

American people. The majority of marriages that fail stem from the fact that one of the partners in the relationship has been disloyal to the other. This shows how easily a strong foundation can crumble simply from the lack of loyalty.
Another instance that requires a great deal of loyalty is being a member of a nation. Patriotism is a form of loyalty that is expected from...

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