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Lsd Therapy Essay

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LSD: An Opportunity For a Medical Breakthrough
During the 1940’s the United States was crippled with drawbacks. At a time of confusion and lost hope, scientific discovery transformed the way everyone looked at the world. The Atomic Bomb was discovered by the United States in an effort to end World War II. This discovery was an astonishing breakthrough in technology that changed people’s perspective on human life. What if a similar component such as an atom used in the atomic bomb, could not only change the world, but the human mind, as we know it? This component is known as the molecule lysergic acid diethylamide, otherwise known as LSD or LSD-25 (Grof, Stanislav). The atomic bomb had the power to change the world through holocaust, while Albert Hoffman’s accidental discovery of LSD could potentially provide breakthroughs in medical studies and provide more of an understanding of the human mind.  
When the drug was discovered in the 1940’s, a very small amount of knowledge was available on the drug. This quest for knowledge induced a time of experimentation to further intelligence pertaining to the drug. This led to experiments testing everything from autism to alcoholism. The government was also trying to exploit the drug for “mind control” use (Inside LSD). One example that proved LSD had a positive use was Dr. James Fadiman’s experiment on administering large doses to scientists participating in his study. The data compiled revealed that all the problems they had addressed during the experimentation were solved more intelligibly and creatively. The problems the scientists had to solve during the experiment were all enigmas that they reported having difficulty solving for a long period of time. Each subject described the drug and how it allowed them to approach each problem with a fresh perspective or the ability to explore the problem more openly rather than becoming frustrated (Inside LSD). This is one insight into how LSD can affect the brain for a certain...

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