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lucid dreams Essay

  • Submitted by: Blo0ondi
  • on December 13, 2008
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After along day of hard work, usually all people tend to go to   bed and sleep, the time taken by them to   sleep may differ but they all have dreams and rest their bodies and minds, but a strange phenomena has been discovered or discussed in books, magazines, journals, and even in movies.
Lucid dreaming is a state where a person dreams consciously, where the person can't distinguish between dream and reality, the only difference between a normal dream and a lucid dream is that everything around you is created by your own mind.
Scientists and researchers doubted the possibility of controlling dreams while being conscious tell the 1970s lucid dreams were dismissed as fantasy or micro-awakenings. In the second half of the 19th century Marquis d'Hervey de Saint Denis describe in a book called "Dreams and how to control them" how he learned to recall his dreams in a period of 20 years and how he was able to awake in his dreams and control them but his work was dismissed because the scientific community wasn’t enthusiastic about his work. In 1914 Frederik van Eeden (Dutch writer and poet) presented his paper to the British society for psychological research describing his own 250 lucid dreams written in 14 years. But a scientific proof was provided by Stephen LaBerge where he was a test case for an experiment to prove the existence of lucid dreams, in his dream he tracked his dream finger by his eyes moving its slowly and deliberately up and down, this pattern was clearly visible on the measuring instruments outcome.
Lucidity has its own meaning or ways in different cultures. For example, "Shamans". Shamans use lucid dreams as a way to connect to their ancestors to get answers or to receive healing; shamans are usually the lucid dreamers of tribes who have the ability to visit the realm of the spirits, gaining healing power and insights for himself and his people. The Aboriginals (the oldest known lucid dreamers who are the original...

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